Pokemon Crystal Key Item Randomizer


To randomize your ROM, select a crystal-speedchoice.gbc ROM file below.

The seed used to randomizer your ROM will be present in the randomized ROM's filename.


Status: alpha; there is a moderate risk of bugs and unbeatable seeds.

This randomizer shuffles around HMs and key items; for example, instead of HM01, the player might receive the OLD ROD.

The RAINBOW WING is not randomized.

PokeGear cards are not randomized.

All seeds generated by the randomizer should be beatable, up to and including Red.


This randomizer supports the latest version of crystal-speedchoice.gbc.

Other randomizations (TMs, encounters, moves, etc.) should work alongside the key item randomizations without conflict. Be sure to apply the key item randomization after all other randomizations.

The following speedchoice settings are required:

Rocket Sections Normal
Kanto Access Normal


In order to make for a more interesting randomizer experience, and in order to prevent some hardlocks, the randomizer patches the following changes into the game:

Known Issues



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